11.7. - 19.7.
European Juggling Convention 2020
Join the largest legacy in circus art events since 1978!
Welcome to the website of the European Juggling Convention (EJC) 2020. You might want to ask what the EJC is. It is an immense project from the circus community for the circus community, and while it says "Juggling" in the name it is not an exclusive juggling event. It's an event for acrobats, unicyclists, fire artists, slack liners, diablolo players, clowns and basically every other kind of circus artists you can think of. We all come together for a week to learn from each other, enjoy shows and find new inspiration. EJC is much more then just a convention, it is a celebration of friendship, learning and of course circus arts. Come and visit us, or even better, become a part of us!
Please be aware of that this website is not perfect yet. Among the things you can find in the near future are: Tickets, workshops-application, more background info about the EJC, Hanko and Finland and an FAQ. Also coming are more details about the venue, the program and the team.