EJC 2020 provides a focus on hobbies and sports in general and for both children and parents. We strive in bringing articles and information that are helpful to individuals wanting to know more about hobbies and sports.

Hobbies and sports do not necessarily have to be separated from the family. Parents and children can enjoy hobbies and sports together, especially at home. Hobbies in the family can help in challenging children to succeed in a hobby or sport and reach their goal.

Most hobbies can teach children to develop better hand-eye coordination and to use their minds to build or create something that can develop into a talent or career.

Sports are great for the family, especially on weekends or holidays.Families can enjoy easy sports at home including basketball and football. Some simpler hobbies such as chess can also help in developing a sense of mental strength and planning moves and how to succeed in the game.

Education towards hobbies and sports for both parents and children are also covered extensively on our website and can help to introduce sports and hobbies into the household or into children’s school days.

You can visit the website frequently and read new articles on these subjects. EJC 2020 can provide a lot of fun for the whole family and help children to develop newfound talents and strengths.