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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the dates for 2021?
We don't know yet when exactly the EJC in 2021 will be. As soon as the dates are fixed you will hear the news on our website, the EJA newsletter and on social media.
I wanna be part of the EJC. How can I contribute to the event?
We are thrilled to have you as part of the EJC 2021 family. As you know, EJC is a volunteer organised event, so all help we can get is highly appreciated. It doesn't matter if you can commit full time, or just a few hours a month, before or during the event. In that sense, there are three main types of collaboration:
  • Volunteering: Everything and anything related to organising EJC 2021 in Hanko. Depending on your skills, you can join one of our teams to work on all the things that need to be done before the event happens. Also, there will be some smaller tasks to be taken care of during the event. If you want to volunteer, please use this form. If you have any questions related to volunteering, you can send an email at and we will get you in touch with the relevant team leader.
  • Performing: If you are a musician, motivational speaker, coach, TED talks superstar, flow artist, circus crew or performing group/duo/trio and you'd like to put a show together for the EJC 2020, you can contact us through this form. If you have any questions related to performing, please send us an email at
  • Workshops: If you want to give a workshop please wait until we have our workshop form ready and use that. For any questions related to workshops, please send email to
I have a shop / I'm an artisan / I have a restaurant-bakery-coffee shop-food truck, can I sell my products on ECJ?
Yes, we are planning to host vendors of different items on site (food and non-food related products). If you want to be present in EJC 2021 with your business, please contact us at
What kind of accommodation will there be available for attendees to EJC 2021?
For those of you attending EJC 2021, besides the traditional camping option, we are proud to present for the first time the possibility of stay in a school classroom. Classroom accommodations should be booked in advance, and we strongly recommend doing so, specially for big groups. If you have a group of at least 15 people, you can reserved an entire room for yourselves. The rooms can be same sex or mixed, and that is entirely up to you to choose. Rooms will be offered within the ticket sales system so stay tuned for that!
Unfortunately, there is only one small hotel in Hanko, so expect that to be fully booked fast.
How can I get to Hanko?
Finland might sound like a far away country, but it is actually super easy to get there! You can travel directly to Helsinki-Vantaa or Turku airport by plane from most European cities and then take a 2-hour train ride up to the very center of Hanko. Alternatively, you can travel by ferry:
  • from Stockholm (Sweden) to Helsinki/Turku
  • from Travem√ľnde (Germany) to Helsinki
  • from Paldiski (Estonia) to Hanko itself
For more information of the travelling options, please check this link.
I plan to travel to EJC with my own car. How is parking and moving around in Hanko?
Hanko is a small tranquil village by the coast. In order to avoid saturating the beautiful city center with cars, overflow car park areas will be designated outside the city center, but still within a walkable distance from EJC premises. Moving around Hanko is easy on foot, as the whole EJC area is reachable in 20 minutes or less.
Will there be a caravan camping area?
Yes, there will be. You will have access to the electric grid but you will have to carry your own drinking water. Tap water in Finland is of high quality and drinkable. You can get access in any school or EJC premises.
Is tap water in Finland drinkable?
Yes, tap water in Finland is of the greatest quality and, therefore, drinkable. Tap water is free in all restaurants in Finland and will be easily accessible to EJC attendees in any school or EJC premises during the event.
Will there be a safe space to spin fire?
Fire spinning is one of the big deals in every jugglers convention and, of course, also in EJC! Hanko is a seaside city, so we are planning to have a great fire spinning area on the beach, and probably other fire safe spaces to spin indoors. Keep tuned to our website and social media channels for more news on this.