Accommodation details
Don’t be a snail! Come on, you know it. Carrying a heavy and bulky tent around. Setting it up. Trying to get dressed and undressed inside. Taking it down. Why bother? Just take your sleeping bag (and a mat, if the floor is too hard for you) and stay indoors instead! For the first time in EJC history, we will be offering indoor accommodation in three schools.
You have the opportunity to choose from three types of accommodation: private room, gender based and mixed room with a maximum of 15 people per room. No need to worry if it’s going to rain or be cold, you will be comfortable inside no matter the weather. Showers and toilets are located close by and in some schools you even have the possibility to cook your own food! Sounds pretty awesome, right?
Indoor accommodation
Inside accommodation can only be bought in advance, and you need to have an EJC ticket to do so. With the indoor accommodation ticket you will get a separate wristband.
The price for one spot is 30€ for the whole stay in a shared room. If you value your privacy enormously, you can pay 450€ and have a whole room just for yourself. Or share it with up to 14 friends, we won’t judge you.
Minors (children under 16) can also stay indoors, always under the supervision of a parent or guardian.
You can reserve a spot either per person or a full room. 15 people can fit in 1 room. All reservations and prices for indoor accommodation are for the full week. Day by day is not possible.
Make sure to read Terms & Conditions of indoor accommodation.
However, if you have a nomad soul, we have got you covered as well. We have two amazing shaded campsites among the beautiful green Finnish nature, close enough to all the main locations of the convention, and a maximum of 10 minutes walk from services such as shops, pharmacies, and kitchens. The price of the camping is already included in your ticket.
For those of you who carry your house on wheels, we have an amazing parking slot with capacity for 100 vehicles, equipped with power sources and located very close to the schools, where you can shower, cook and collect water from. The caravan site is located next to the sports hall on the asphalt parking lot. There is no possibility of camping next to the van. Be sure to book your caravan spot in advance through the ticketing system. One caravan spot costs 20€ for the whole period from 11th to 20th of july.