What Can You Find on EJC 2020?

EJC 2020 provides many articles that are written about hobbies and juggling with more information on child and parental education.

Who We Are?

On EJC 2020, you can expect to find many articles on hobbies, juggling, and child and parental education. We strive to provide many articles on these subjects, including how to start certain hobbies, what the advantages are, and how to follow the basics step by step. Parental and child education on hobbies are also covered widely on our site.

Especially with children, parents need to teach them about finding hobbies to expand their knowledge and to stay active. Sports are a great way to stay active and it might be able to lead to a career.

Parents can learn how to help their children with hobbies and teach them more about how to achieve their talents and not to give up on their dreams.

Playing Sport

Playing sports is extremely important for children and their parents. Whether it’s done at school or at home, kids need to learn about sports and stay active.


Juggling is a great way to start a hobby that will require a lot of practice and focus but will not cost much to get into. Read more on juggling in our articles.

Sports and Children

Children need to be active in sports to find more friends and be more physically active with hand-eye coordination and being outdoors.

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