How to get there
Usually when you think of Finland you may think that it’s far away in the cold north. That is partially true but Hanko being the most southern point of Finland is easily accessible. You can fly to Helsinki-Vantaan or Turku airport and proceed by trains all the way to the center of Hanko. The train journey takes approximately two hours from Helsinki and Turku.
Those of you who don’t want to fly or want to bring their vehicle with them can take one of these ferries:
  • from Stockholm (Sweden) to Helsinki/Turku
  • from Travemünde (Germany) to Helsinki
  • from Paldiski (Estonia) to Hanko itself
Or one can also drive, cycle, unicycle or walk all the way from Russia, Sweden and Norway (which share a common border with Finland).
If you lucky you can also hitchhike with Santa but he is usually somewhere on the other side of the globe during the summer time.