How to get to Finland
Getting to Finland is really easy from all over Europe. Depending on your budget and your personal preferences, you can come by plane, bus, train, boat or bring your own vehicle.
By plane
There are two main airports that receive international flights close by Hanko: Helsinki Airport and Turku Airport. From those, you can take a train that will bring you right to the center of Hanko in about 2-2,5 hours.
By train
By train, you can reach Hanko from St.Petersburg, Helsinki, Turku and all the other major cities in Finland. You can find more information on the train routes and timetables and prices on the website of the Finnish public rail company VR. For the best prices, we recommend booking ahead of time.
By ferry
If you don’t want to fly, or if you want to bring your vehicle with you then the ferry is your best option. There are several ferry-connections to Finland:
By car
If you want to drive all the way here, you can access Finland via Sweden, Norway and Russia, which all share a common border with us. Please notice that you might be asked for your passport if you decide to access Finland from the Russian border.