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Hanko & Finland
Finland is the land of a thousand lakes, home of Santa Claus and a paradise for sauna lovers. Yes it is real and not a conspiracy myth (quite convincing one though).
Finland is a relatively small country with a population of 5,4 million people but it has a lot to offer. So if you are thinking of traveling before or after the EJC, do research your options to make the most of it. Finland is after all second best and also the happiest country in the world.
Even if you don’t have time or means to travel around Finland don’t worry, because Hanko our lovely host city (well, let’s be honest 8400 population isn’t a city, it’s hardly even a town) of the EJC 2020 is the one of the best places to visit during the summer in Finland. Hanko is a beautiful seaside town at the southernmost part of Finland and is located on a peninsula with a shoreline of over 30 km. Hanko is also situated in the bilingual area of Finland, with half of the residents speaking Swedish as their mother tongue. There are lots of activities to engage in, from swimming, canoeing and surfing to wall climbing and exploring nature trails by foot or by bike.
Hanko is a popular city to visit during the summer time so if you want to do something that is not part of the EJC or you want to have separate accommodation make sure that you start to book now.